Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love this girl!

I met Lauren the beginning of this year while shopping at Anthropologie... she was this tall striking beauty that I was immediately drawn to. I was just starting my photography portfolio and looking for models. One of the things I hate doing, is asking complete strangers if they would be interested... but for some reason I was so comfortable with Lauren in the two seconds of meeting her, I had no fear. I gave her my card... she emailed me and we have been fast friends ever since. She has been an awesome model, friend, promoter, and cheerleader! She recently moved to Cleveland and we don't have as many opportunities to meet as we use to... but when I called and asked if she wanted to meet in Pittsburgh, Lauren was all about it! Wow! what a terrific friend! I cherish our friendship and so lucky to have her support!


LaurenMax said...

So sweet. Of course I am your cheerleader. You are amazing. xoxoxo.

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