Saturday, July 25, 2009


I remember when Izaak was 2 and his mum and I were walking down Tacomas waterfront in WA state one afternoon, and he decided to trip and take a nose dive into a cement barrier. Many many ER visits later... here he is still in one piece. I miss him so much and have enjoyed watching him grow up into a little man! We have stuck together through moves starting in WA to Alaska, Florida and Maryland.... one more to go soon and I am hoping it is to Kentucky so we are closer to each other. He is my special boy genius with a heart of gold! Who at age 5 sat in the backseat on a road trip with his mom and I and out of the blue told us both we were beautiful.... yah! Now at 10, he is still sweet as ever and has his Auntie Erin wrapped around his finger!


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